It’s no news that the North of Amsterdam is hot and happening. But do you want to what is happening where? Than join us!

We’ll take you on a trip to the other side of the IJ, hook you up with the locals and show you what being Dutch is all about. Amsterdam-North and Waterland offer you a complete picture of Holland, including an impressive landscape, both industrial and rural, the beautiful and ugly architecture and the stories of water, harbors, creatives, milking and cows. We’ll guide you all the way through it choosing the typical Dutch bike or by boat. Off course if you find that too much of an adventure we can adjust and select a more convenient way that will suit your needs.

The northern region of Amsterdam is the great getaway of the city center with a mix of old and new stories of the locals of Amsterdam, the North & Waterland. We’ll invite you to discover this still unexplored area together with people living here including: artists, farmers, ordinary people, students and local entrepreneurs. Our tours are based on a personal approach and filled with a lot of uniqueness because no story is the same.

Join us on the adventure on the other (sunny) side of Amsterdam!