We are Janneke Kreike, Loek Wisman and Kees Poldervaart

Janneke has a BSc. degree in International Tourism Management and pursued a MSc. in Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam. During her career at D-Reizen, MenM Events, ATPI and Elsevier she gained experience in organizing and arranging (touristic) events. Since she became a member of The Platform for Entrepreneurs in Tourism in Amsterdam North (TOP) 6 years ago, she gained more and more fascination for this part of Amsterdam. Janneke loves to bike around in Amsterdam North and Waterland where she takes a break at one of the sunny terraces at the water shore, to enjoy the view on the IJ (and a glass of cool white wine)!

Loek is born and raised in Amsterdam North where he lives already for 55 years (or so). After studying Business Administration and Business Economics, he pursued a career at TNT Post and PostNL. He worked in Accountancy, Finance, Logistics and different Commercial Management roles.  When he felt the urge rising of taking ownership of his own company, he became partner at a consultancy agency at the NDSM-Warf. Already when he turned 16, Loek found his favorite spot in North: ‘Café ‘t Sluisje’ at the Nieuwendammerdijk!  Still this is his place where he sits with his friend looking at the boats after they walked 18 holes at the Waterlandse Golfcourse.

Kees grew up in Schellingwoude just around the corner of the shutters: ‘Oranje-Sluizen’. After being educated all the skills, he had his own butcher shop at the ‘Waterland- and Buikeslotermeerplein’, for over 30 years. He also initiated various new concepts with Mick (from ‘Il Picorino‘), the successful idea of dining at the farm, which is now ‘Boergondineren’. Kees his mind never stops and he continues to start projects such as the visitor center ‘De Poort van Waterland’ and being market manager at the ‘Van der Pek Markt’. All of this he does effortless next to having his own consultancy. However if he ever has spare time, you can find him at the city farm ‘de Stadshoeve’ or walking around with the walking club in ‘Noorderpark’.

We’re looking forward to meeting you and you meeting the Northern region of Amsterdam!

loek-wisman-A-NORTH              Kees-Poldervaart-A-NORTH