Putting your tent up in Amsterdam. It happens more often especially on city camps! Growing numbers of tourists and other visitors in Amsterdam, results in an increasing amount of tourists that stay on camping grounds such as  Campsite Vliegenbos for a bargain! This is one of the reasons why the City Campsite gains popularity.

At Vliegenbos you can put up your tent, rent camper van places, stay a night in a ready to sleep tent or in a wooden shelter, from 10 euro’s up. The number of nights tripled the last 3 years from 45.000 in 2013 to 80.000 last year.

The reason? The increasing touristic crowds: it becomes busy in Amsterdam and the popularity of the North of Amsterdam is rising. ‘We were asleep, but now fully awake’, tells the camp ground manager Erik van der Linden.

Amsterdam counts 5 campsites in total: Vliegenbos, Camping Zeeburg, Camping Gaasper, Camping Het Amsterdamse Bos and camper van spot City Camp, also in North. In Vliegenbos is 25% of all guests Dutch, and many others from other European countries.

Tourist tax 
To cope with the increasing amount of visitors in the Amsterdam city center, alderman Coho of the political party D66 suggested to raise the tourist tax. The managers of the campsite Vliegenbos are very concerned on that matter. ‘In politics it was mentioned that the tourist tax would rise up to 10 euro per person per night, which is doubling the mount. We expect that this would cause a drawback ‘, says Van der Linden.

The campsite Vliegenbos is opened until the 22nd of october this year

Source: AT5

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