The first edition of The Greenest Day of North was the chance to see inspiring sustainable initiatives and new green projects in Amsterdam North. We took our chance and A-NORTH had a walking tour with Yvonne through the western side of Amsterdam North.

This ‘green walk’ focused on sustainability and adaptive reuse of buildings such as the NDSM warehouses. With a splendid view at the shore of the river IJ, Yvonne told us about the development of the NDSM-wharf. We heard a big jell and when we turned around we saw someone making a jump from the Faralda Crane Hotel. Apparently this Crane is also being re-used by bungee-jumpers!

Especially for The Greenest Day of North, the NDSM Art City (NDSM Kunststad) opened its doors to the public. Downstairs the warehouse was transformed into a cool area for art and performance, while on the higher level, the former skate park was being used as an exhibition area. The photos of Marc Faasse and the use of his images on chairs made a big impression.

We left the NDSM Art City and walked to the western side of the NDSM-wharf. Over the last decade it became visible how new and self-sufficient projects booked success such as Noorderlicht. We got more insights on how a houseboat can warm its own water and how to generate electricity from the IJ. Joanne, owner of geWoonboot, even allowed us to take the small stairs, so we could stand and enjoy the view on the roof of one of the most sustainable houseboats of Amsterdam.

The last part of the walk took us from the NDSM to the Zonneplein. This small garden was built for the people who worked at the wharfs at the end of the 19th century. Yvonne told us the stories of the old neighborhood ‘Tuindorp Oostzaan’ and how the vibe in this area back in those days , before North became a popular area to live in. I never knew of what people actually did with their bikes when the houses were flooded. At the Zonneplein we said goodbye to Yvonne and saw just how Jan Klaasen started his puppet show. It was a fascinating tour about old buildings being used for new purposes and future sustainable projects.

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